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Ingenious-Black-Ladder-shaped-Acrylic-Perspex-Pen-Pencil-Ball-Pen-Stationery-Supplies-Display-Holder products, buy Ingenious-Black-Ladder-shaped-Acrylic-Perspex-Pen-Pencil-Ball-Pen-Stationery-Supplies-Display-Holder products from vanjin

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I've seen a lot of office spaces, and in many of them it's hard to quickly find a good pen or pencil on the desk, even though the resident has many of them. In a number of cases, all the user needs is a simple pencil cup, and a spare

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this handmade lamp features 12 oak panels that wrap around a paper and fabric shade, cascading in alternating steps down to a solid oak base. the panels are suspended by steel nuts on 2 threaded steel rods on either side of the shade. the lamp is 13 high.

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WineWall is a modern and minimal bottle rack made of acrylic. Available in black or transparent version, WineWall can contain up to six bottles of wine. Suitable for domestic use or commercial activities, the new wine rack by SOB adapts easily to differen