Cable & Wire Mounting Clamps

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Wire Mounting Routing Plastic Clamps are one of the most important and useful products in wire management.

Electrical Basics
You can easily mount and adjust wires with flexible and durable nylon Wire Harness Clips. ‪#‎Wireharness‬ clips are a great way to bundle cables and wires to keep them secure and out of the way. Electrical Basics has a variety of sizes, making ‪#‎wiremanagement‬ jobs in the home quick and simple to do! Get yours today!

UL94V-2 Material Wire Harness Clips by Electrical Basics

Wire Harness Clips – Electrical Basics provides Wire Harness Clips for wire management. The wire harness clips comes in broad shapes. This can be use in basic & unique product applications.

Mounting cables are a quick and easy solution for keeping your cables and wires off the ground. Electrical Basics Nylon Cable Tie 4-way Adhesive/Screw Mounting Bases are a great way to mount and secure cables and wires to many types of surfaces. Get yours today!

Zip Tie Mounts

Eliminate the hassles of zip and cable tie applications with our several different types of cable tie mounting bases. We offer several styles, sizes and colors of cable mounting bases and zip tie application utilities. Shop now

Fluorescent Cable Ties 11 inch length in 5 Distinct Colors

Mulitcolor pack of Fluorescent Cable Ties 11 inch length, 50lb tensile strength. Colors are Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green and Pink. 200 PCS (2 Bags of 100 PCS) of each Fluorescent Color, 1000 Total PCS in the Assortment Colored Fluorescent Cable Ties and Fluorescent Zip Ties are used for identification purposes when bundling, tagging, affixing, fastening, harnessing, organizing and managing an array of wires, cables, cords, rods, and various other items. The strong nylon material is durable…

Adjustable Plastic Clamps – A Versatile Releasable Clamp For Bundling And Securing Wires And Cables

Adjustable Wire Mounting/Routing Plastic Clamps are specialty, easy-to-use fasteners for bundling and fastening wires and cables in indust...

Adjustable Cable Clamps are key to good Cable Management

Adhesive backed adjustable cable clamps are a great way to create pathways for cable management. They are flexible and can be opened to add or remove wires and cables as needed.