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Fill in the missing letters to make the days of the week Coloring Page

Fill in the missing letters to make the days of the week coloring page that you can customize and print for kids.

free Short stories for kids

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Short a CVC Worksheet Pack with a Bonus Literacy Center

This Short A pack provides pages and pages of CVC learning and practice for your students. It features 40 worksheets full of fabulous activities to help your students master short a words. As a bonus, you will also receive a literacy center activity to provide your students with further practice. Th...

Sight Word Coloring Worksheet: it, in, if

Try using this simple sight word coloring paper with your students who have difficulty focusing on sight words. Since your children get to color, they have to pay close attention to the sight words in order to choose the right colors. If you like this, you can find the complete package here: Sight...

Number Word Worksheets for Kindergarten | Worksheet for Kindergarten

Number Word Worksheets for Kindergarten. Number Word Worksheets for Kindergarten. Number Words & Number Sense Printables and Activities

B and D Reversal (B and D Confusion) -Distance Learning Packet For Kindergarten

This packet includes worksheets and activities to help your students with b or d reversal. Young readers and writers sometime struggle with b and d distinction. So this packet will be effective to help them practice the letters. Click here for P and Q confusion Activities.You may like BOOM CARDS B A...

Add or Subtract?: Differentiated Word Problem Sorts

Many students have difficulty choosing the correct operation when solving word problems. These addition and subtraction word problem sorts are great for use with Interactive Notebooks or to make posters that can be displayed on bulletin boards.Students cut out and sort the word problems. Then they g...

Blends & Digraphs Cut & Paste Printables

Included in this packet are 9 worksheets for your students to practice digraphs, l blends, r blends, and s blends. Students will cut & paste the missing sounds in each word. Sounds included: ch, sh, th, wh, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, wr, sk, sm, sn, sp, st, sw Feedba...

Beginner Mazes – Preschool and Kindergarten – 1 Worksheet / FREE Printable Worksheets

Preschool Worksheets Kindergarten Worksheets More Mazes Fun Printable Mazes for Kids Beginner Mazes - Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheet Worksheet 1 - Download Help the giraffe find the tree.

Need some fun and quick multiplication practice? This set of 'equation search' games is a fun multiplication game for 3rd grade kids who need to focus on a specific set of facts. This FREE download includes practice pages for all facts from 2-12! Kids will love the challenge of finding all the facts in the puzzle.

FREE Multiplication Equation Search: Not Your Typical Worksheet!

Your kids will LOVE finding the multiplication facts in the math version of a word search! This will help them practice and review all their multiplication facts and is simple and low-prep for you.

Free Letter V Worksheet

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Free Letter V Worksheet