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Chic Nail Tutorials for the Week - Pretty Designs but without the middle finger design


55 Easy New Years Eve Nails Designs and Ideas 2018

Uñas en color azul y blanco


Nautical Nails: Use manicure strips for stripes and navy nail polish. Don't forget the pink heart.

+70 Fotos de uñas decoradas para el verano – Summer Nail Art | Decoración de Uñas - Manicura y Nail Art

It's summer, and you need Fabulous Gorgeous Nails. Well, you need them all the time, but especially in the summer! And we have them, complete with tutorials! The key to positive body image go to slimmingbodyshape. for plus size shapewear and bras

Nail Game 2015: Navy Triangles

Nail Game 2015: Navy Triangles

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to save some serious money. That involves getting less manicures. In NYC it's harder than it sounds, as there seems to be as m