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there are two pictures with the words let's explore excavation kit d i y
Excavation Kit DIY
simple machines for kids 30 fun projects to do with the kids at home or school
30 Simple Machine Projects for Kids
the lego challenge boat races are fun for kids to play with and learn how to build
Lego Club Challenge–Boat Races!
an easy lego catapult for kids to build
Build A LEGO Catapult - Little Bins for Little Hands
lego and nerf game for toddlers to play on the floor with their toys
Build Some LEGO Nerf Targets! - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
lego zip line exploring angles, tension and gravity with instructions to make it fun for kids
Make A LEGO Zipline - Little Bins for Little Hands
dices and numbers on a table with a sign that says each player turns over a domino and multiplies the two ends together
Domino Math Games
Multiplication War (or do with addition) after multiplying, player with larger product collects both dominoes
two pictures of the same object in different stages of being used to make bagsgie burst science for kids
Baking Soda and Vinegar Science Experiment: Exploding Baggies
A super cool science activity for kids! (Observe a chemical reaction by making a baggie explode!)~ Buggy and Buddy
someone is holding up some cards with numbers on them
Guess Who MATH!!
a white loft bed with desk underneath it
Cama Infantil Multifuncional Alta com Armário Inferior Bianca Cimol Branco – Furniture and Door Decoration