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Cool Timer

Check out this diy timer project for your gym made with Arduino! This project is a good beginner Arduino project. I wanted a digital timer in my gym that counted up from 00 to 60 seconds and reset.

Arduino simple 7 segment countdown timer

In this Instructables guide I will show you how to make a simple - two digit - countdown timer by using the Arduino uno board and 7 segment displays.


In this post we have added 40 best and beautiful Bicyle logo design examples for your inspiration. Our Favorite logo designs are Flycycle, Cyclists, Cycle

Coffee Surf

Here is a unique coffee logo inspiration with designs that will literally make you want to sit at a coffeeshop, cafe or restaurant. These coffee logos are


Minimalist posters drive home the dangers of texting while driving FIAT Advertising Creative Bloq

Mini modular origami book tutorial

Mini modular origami book tutorial, Learn how to make this simple modular mini origami book with video and photo tutorial, Simple step by step instructions.


On Easter Friday ,Jesus Christ, died on a cross for our sins but 3 days later he concord death!