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a male in a black leather shirt and some piercings on his head is standing
black and white photograph of a man in sunglasses holding his head with both hands while walking down the street
jimin wallpaper on Tumblr
jimin wallpaper | Tumblr
two pictures of a young man laughing and standing in front of a blue metal structure
#wattpad #fanfic Quién diría que tan solo un roce podría causar la mayor conmoción en tus sueños, sin saber de quién se trata. Día a día soñando con esa figura sin rostro ni nombre, que te deja intrigado, hasta el punto de querer descubrir de quien o que se trata. Aunque Taehyung y Yoongi se habían encontrado anter...
two pictures of the same person laying in bed
Bangtan Locks on Twitter
Bangtan Locks on Twitter: "└✾› #V Live Lockscreens✦ pt. 2 ↝ ♡ if liked ↝ rt if saved ↝ screenshot if used © owners | @BTS_Twt by: #ҽllα✧・゚🐰」… "
a woman with piercings on her ear holding a microphone and looking off to the side
the young man is smiling and wearing a white shirt
Para es tan lindo 😭😍💖
a young man with blonde hair smiles at the camera while wearing a black t - shirt
可愛すぎる😭💜 テヒョンの全てに癒される〜 、、 . フォロワー様4万人突破です、、 皆さん、いつもありがとうございます😭💜 #bts#bangtan#防弾少年団#キムテヒョン#テヒョン#뷔#방탄소년단#bangtansonyeondan#army#v#kimtaehyung#taehyung#taetae#김태형#金泰亨#jin#suga#rm#jhope#jimin#jungkook
the boy is sitting down with his hands on his chin
V Brasil⁷ (@VBrasil_) / Twitter
a person sitting on a couch holding up a book
Wow, no sabia que a Tae? Le gustara Nanatsu no tazai.. Pd: no sé si realmente de trate de Tae.
a person sitting at a table with a microphone in front of him and wearing a black jacket
X. It’s what’s happening
Tae! Corazoncito<3
Viviendo con el nerd ✿ VKook ✿ - #11: Problemas - Página 3 - Wattpad Bts Jimin, Jung Hoseok, Min Yoongi
Viviendo con el Nerd | vkook. - #8: El auto lo vale
Viviendo con el nerd ✿ VKook ✿ - #11: Problemas - Página 3 - Wattpad
a young man is eating a donut while sitting down
two young men sitting on the ground with microphones in their hands
chu :D on Twitter