Palm leaves + hibiscus flowers! ✨

Palm leaves + hibiscus flowers nah red instead!

Ani - make-up and nail #nail #nails #nailart

Ani make up and nail nail nails nailart


I think these look like subtle Christmas/Yule nails.

Flores •

verano “Watercolor Floral I tried to give the roses a messy/abstract look. Filing this in the "looked better in my head" category Ah well. That neon tho …”

Caja para diferentes usos con flores pintadas en acrílicos. Pasos de las flores.

One stroke method💋

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Ever wondered how to do it? Easy one stroke nail art. Beautiful one stroke nail…


16 Examples Of Disney Nail Art That Will Render You Speechless

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How One stroke flowers Beautiful one stroke nail art, with polycolor acrylic…

Doble carga .-

one stroke face paint rose

Blanco y negro

Photo taken by FC Nail Dress -


Passo a passo. Step by step.

Ve hoa co ban

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Dark wave point Lace Manicure,This dark wave point Lace Manicure composed of wave point, lace pattern and diamond and bar geometry.

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