Ripe Plantain Cake with Cheese and Guava paste

Plantain Cake (Torta de Plátano Maduro)

Chestnut and Bacon Risotto with Savoy Cabbage

Chestnut and Bacon Risotto With Savoy Cabbage

Vegan Quinoa Chestnut Stuffing

Somewhere along the lines this holiday season I got really obsessed with stuffing. It totally tastes like the holidays, and I can not get enough of

Vegan Apple Chestnut Corn Bread Stuffing

Vegan Apple Chestnut Corn Bread Stuffing

Chestnut Cake.

Chestnut Cake.

Chestnut Parsnip Soup Recipe - Good Housekeeping

Chestnut-Parsnip Soup

Puree prepackaged chestnuts with a potato and two pounds of parsnips for a silky, satisfying soup!

Chestnut and Pancetta Stuffing Recipe

Chestnut and Pancetta Stuffing

This chestnut and pancetta stuffing recipe is a basic bread stuffing flavored with salty pancetta, sage, and some chestnuts for a little extra flair.

Chocolate chestnut cake

Chocolate recipes and desserts: our best chocolate recipes

Chestnut and Sausage Dressing

Fall-Apart-Tender Slow-Roast Pork Butt

Chestnut Jam - Pam Corbin recipe

Chestnut Jam the Pam Corbin way - Auburn Meadow Farm Recipe Archive

Chestnut and Bacon Dressing

Chestnut and Bacon Dressing

Chestnut Bread

Chestnut Bread

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