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"The ‪#‎doctor‬ of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in ‪#‎diet‬, and in the causes and prevention of ‪#‎disease‬."  ~Thomas Edison

Vegetable Vitality Ads - You are what you eat--or so the saying goes. These International Vegetarian Union ads take this idea literally by using vegetables to recreate a ma.

“Wolves are socially dynamic animals. When older wolves are removed from a pack, that can lead to social disruption, possibly causing younger, less experienced wolves to kill livestock,” said Adrienne Cronebaugh, Conservation Advocate for the Kootenai Environmental Alliance. “The more wolves we kill, the more conflicts we may see in the future. It doesn’t make sense.”

In a remote corner of Zion National Park, a small herd of mule deer browse quietly. Through the sun-dappled canyon burbles North Creek, its waters cool and clear, its banks green and reedy, alive w.

"If we squander all our attention on what's wrong, we will miss the prize: In the chaos engulfing the world, a hopeful future resides because the past is disintegrating before us. . . . Ecological restoration is extraordinarily simple: You remove whatever prevents the system from healing itself. Social restoration is no different" (189).

Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History Is Restoring Grace, Justice, and Beauty to the World by Paul Hawken

EDITT Tower (“Ecological Design In The Tropics”) is being built in Singapore with the financial support of the National University. The 26 story tower will have over half its surface area covered by organic local vegetation. Solar panels will generate up to 40% of the building’s energy demands, and human waste will also be converted into an energy source via an on-site bio-gas facility. The Architecture firm TR Hamzah & Yeang is constructing the building using recycled and recyclable…

Currently pending construction in Singapore, the EDITT Tower will be a paragon of "Ecological Design In The Tropics". Designed by TR Hamzah & Yeang and sponsored by the National University of Singapore, the high-rise will boast photovoltaic panels,