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“Wolves are socially dynamic animals. When older wolves are removed from a pack, that can lead to social disruption, possibly causing younger, less experienced wolves to kill livestock,” said Adrienne Cronebaugh, Conservation Advocate for the Kootenai Environmental Alliance. “The more wolves we kill, the more conflicts we may see in the future. It doesn’t make sense.”

In a remote corner of Zion National Park, a small herd of mule deer browse quietly. Through the sun-dappled canyon burbles North Creek, its waters cool and clear, its banks green and reedy, alive w.

Catherine Nelson photograph. Monet's Garden. 2010. Pigment print face mounted, edition of 7 + AP. The Future Memories series are odes to Nature in the truest sense of the term. Visual poetry, nature photography and digital techniques blend intrinsically to give shape to these transcendental landscapes. Every image is meticulously composed with thousands of precisely assembled details which lovingly capture the essence of place as a complex ecological story. The result is a contemporary…

Monets Garden - Bizarre Micro-Planets Made From Hundreds of Landscape Photos - Catherine Nelson uses compositing techniques to make fantastical planets out of her favorie landscape photos.

"If we squander all our attention on what's wrong, we will miss the prize: In the chaos engulfing the world, a hopeful future resides because the past is disintegrating before us. . . . Ecological restoration is extraordinarily simple: You remove whatever prevents the system from healing itself. Social restoration is no different" (189).

The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History Is Restoring Grace, Justice, and Beauty to the World by Paul Hawken