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a group of soccer players standing next to each other
Adidas Originals Zaire World Cup 1974
Adidas Zaire World Cup 1974... Zaire were the first Sub-Saharan African team to participate in a World Cup Finals. Despite respectable performances against Scotland, Yugoslavia and Brazil in WC1974, they were defeated in all three matches with a total goal difference of 0-14.
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an image of a man that is on stage with his hands in the air and wearing sunglasses
Ferre Gola
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two men are posing for the camera with their arms around each other and one man is pointing
a group of men standing on top of a soccer field
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the collage shows many different pictures of men in blue and red uniforms, with one man
two people standing in front of a store with large bananas on it's head
the football team's faces are shown in this newspaper article, which features several different players