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how to: chain link fence in dollhouse scale - scroll down under image for info about craft store material to use

The Ubiquitous Chain link Fence Seen in all of the Photos.

I came across this product by accident but it fit the bill perfectly for scaled down chain link fencing. It's an aluminum mesh used for sculpting and arts and crafts projects, called WIREFORM. It comes in 16" x 20" sheets and also as an 18" roll. I suspect there are similar products out there in Hobby and Arts and Crafts stores. Be aware that it bends very easily! You'll want to handle it carefully so as not to stretch or deform it. When making the actual fence, I cut strips of the mesh to…

Terrain Tutorials, including how to make this tower!

Necromunda - Sills's sporadical Necromunda stuff

After being gently persuaded by @Bjecki and @djmothra I've decided to post the terrain I use, some of which I have slowly built myself since starting...

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Made from a vitamin bottle

Marcineczek0 - terrain log

Looks bloody awsome! I realy like your style when it comes to painting and building terrain... Just awsome...

Goo, Orks, Pipeline, Rust, Space Ork, Terrain, Toxic, Waste

Goo, Orks, Pipeline, Rust, Space Ork, Terrain, Toxic, Waste - Ork Toxic Pipeline - Gallery

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Industrial, statues and other terrain

it is something that will be defensible..... and is that GW water effects?

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Industrial, statues and other terrain

Digits, the rust on your terrain piece looks great, and i think the painting effects you've used on the whole piece works extremely well. (yes i know

Necromunda, Terrain

Necromunda, Terrain - Gallery

My Library

Terraining - Making Rivers

TABLETOP GAMING - "Making Rivers"

It's been a while since I've posted something for my "tabletop gaming friends". So I thought I'd pull some images out of the archives and a...

Toxic storage tank

Large Processing Plant With Toxic Storage Vat 25 - 28 mm Terrain

Here is a bit larger terrain piece. This industrial facility consists of a main building plus a large circular open retention vat . Mul...

Tyranid terrain tutorial, hot glue gun

How to make Tyranid Buildings with a Hot Glue Gun (Tutorial) - Articles

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Infinity The Game

Infinity The Game official website

Space Marine Fighting Pit by 3T-Studios | Includes full project build steps

PTR Record

World Class Wargame and Hobby Terrain

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Bunkers, barricades and battlefield bits.

Had this lump of resin sitting in a box for a couple of years, was half done for a long time. Just attacked it with a large flat brush and filled it w