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a colorful vase with a clock on it's face and flowers painted on the side
Cans Streets Art
people are sitting on the floor in a large room with multicolored fabric covering it
Synthetic Serenity
This exploration seeks to craft experiences where the boundaries blur, inviting a captivating interaction between the man-made and the organic, offering a unique, sensorial journey for all who engage. Ulises studio, midjourney, digital art, art direction, architecture, immersive installation, artificial landscape, colorful installation, playful art, multicolor.
an art installation in front of a building with red fabric draped over the walkways
MAD architects' invisible border installation at milan design week alters our perception of space
🎆 Eikasia・ABACO x Dorian Rigal Minuit Eikasia (*imagination in Greek) is a monumental sculpture suspended in the air, exploring a cognitive dimension while creating a landscape made of imaginary lines and layers of light. #abstract #installationart #visualarts #installation #creativetechnology #technologyart #art #lightinstallation #immersiveart #interactiveart #projectionmapping #futureart #contemporaryart #contemporarylighting #lightingdesign #newmediaart #digitalart #36degres
a man standing in front of a metal sculpture
Future and the Arts exhibition, Mori Art Museum - Michael Hansmeyer