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Ukyo x Heroine, Amnesia I kinda feel for these two. They aren't my favorite but still hard to watch the one you love died over and over

Tomoe Kusakabe, der 17.Jährige gehört auch zu den Beliebtesten und ist der Beste Freund von Jason. Seine Lieblingsfarbe trägt er auf dem Kopf und er liebt Cosplay.

Quick fan-art of Ghislain, char. from a new otome game called "Reine des Fleurs", illustrated by my favourite artist - Usuba Kagerou. I know nothing bout this guy, I just know he looks fricki.

Ukyo hermoso :3

AMNESIA- I had a bad feeling about Ukyo from the start. I never really liked him, But I loved his tragic story and the split personality thing.