If anyone reads this and thinks Batman isn't cool Batman had to defeat superman many times. Each time Batman beat the snot out of superman


Creative Parents Recreate Cult Movies With Their Baby – Lilly and Leon, two creative parents and their baby Orson, are having fun recreating the cult movies and series using only cardboard and everyday objects!


With the right framing and good filter, even the most mundane situations can look extraordinary — making your life look so annoyingly and But Thai photographer Chompoo Baritone is onto you.

Baño Extremo: Salto en Esquí

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Coca-Cola tiene la Solución para Nuestra Adicción a las Redes Sociales

Coca-Cola Helps Cure Social Media Addiction with a Cone of Shame Social Media Guard

Batman Vs. Supermán con Mucho Humor en estas Caricaturas

10 Confusing Comic Book Questions Solved By The Internet

Leyendo Libros Disparatados en el Metro

Subways are a great place to catch up on reading but how would other passengers react to book covers that are a little embarrassing but incredibly interesting?

Caratulas de Famosas Películas Intervenidas

Malaysian artist Jaemy Choong (a. "jaemyc") has taken very creative photos of postcard-sized movie posters superimposed over real people. The result is




With his Famous Friends series, the artist and designer Jon Burgerman is having fun inserting himself in the photographs of stars and celebrities, using his old