Pinturas de Reyes y Reinas con Cabezas de Juguetes Plásticos

„Playmobil meets Classical Painting“ – Adorable Creations by Spanish Artist Ivan Madrigal

Protagonistas de las Pinturas Clásicas en Nuestra Vida Cotidiana

Canvas Project – Inserting the Renaissance paintings into our reality (image)

Gigantesco Hangar Transformado en un Subterráneo con Graffiti

Front side Thanks To all the people involved! Our Crew! family Hangar Biccoca Crew and friends! /terminamos o mural em Milão "Efêmero" ! by osgemeos

La Pianista que Toca Música de Películas y Video Juegos

See Player:Piano's mind-blowing medley of 'Star Wars' songs

Siluetas de Personajes de Disney en Escenarios Reales del Mundo

Rich McCor, the talented paper silhouette photographer who posted to Bored Panda last year is back, and Disney is the theme of his latest paper cutouts. The 29

Paraguas llenos de Arte

Jonathan Bonder is the founder of Pluvio Umbrellas, a brilliant company that brings art and creativity to rainy days. Each collection includes just 200 bro

Realistas Pinturas de Comics Interactuando con Comida Chatarra

Superchip Photorealism is a genre of oil painting in which a painting, when viewed from ten or twenty feet away, looks exactly like a photograph.

Animales en el Metro

When viewing artist Matthew Grabelsky’s work, you’d swear you’re looking at a photograph. until you see the elephant in the room—or cheetah or zebra.

Pinturas Clásicas con Serpientes como Protagonistas

Pinturas Clásicas con Serpientes como Protagonistas

Hong Kong Vista desde el Cielo por un Drone

In his series ‘Urban Jungle’, photographer Andy Yeung shows us Hong Kong’s high-rise density through the eyes of a drone. Hong Kong is home to seven millio

Twisted Toons: Una Extraña Mezcla de Caricaturas y Rayos X

Twisted Toons: Strange Pop Culture Mashups by Coté Escrivá