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Diego Hernández

Diego Hernández
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Cinema 4D - Creating Turbulent Fluid Effects with X-Particles Tutorial

In this tutorial, Mike Batchelor shows us how to use the X-Particles plugin to generate turbulent fluid effects in Cinema

Cinema 4D - Creating Ice Material Tutorial

In this tutorial I'll walk you through the process of creating texture based icy (frost) material in Cinema Ice Machine - create over 1200 base variations of ice -.

Cinema 4D - Creating a Crystal Ball Tutorial

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create and render crystal like structures in Cinema using Greyscalegorrilla's HDR Studio Pack for lighting.

POWDR - Black Edition by Ian Barnard on @creativemarket

POWDR - Create Amazing Colored Powder Layouts in Photoshop From the team that brought you FlowerType we now bring you POWDR. The ability to quickly and easily make awesome typographic poster