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a decorated christmas tree on top of a table
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Sheet Cake - Curly Girl Kitchen
A photo tutorial for decorating a holiday themed sheet cake using a combination of piping tips and palette knives. Using all buttercream, this cake is decorated with a fireplace, stockings, wreath, garland and Christmas tree.
there is a cake decorated with koi fish on it
Woman Bakes Gorgeous Transparent Cake That Looks Like A Koi Pond
a cake with lemons, blueberries and mint leaves on it sitting on a plate
a pink cake with writing on it and a red heart hanging from the top that says, i can't pick your father but you can rock your daddy
Birthday cake
a wedding cake made out of cookies and white flowers on the top is featured in an ad for best wedding cake i've ever seen
there is a cake with flowers on it that says happy mother's day written in frosting