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Pyrography Templates and Wood Slice Project Ideas
Practice your pyro skills with this traceable templates!
Start Here if you are NEW to Wood Burning
Dive into the art of pyrography and unleash your creativity on wood! Begin this mesmerizing journey with just a pyrography pen and a piece of soft wood, perfect for beginners. Start by experimenting with different pyro tips to find your style, sketching simple designs, and tracing them with your heated pen. For safety, ensure your workspace is well-ventilated. Eager to learn more and master the craft? Click through to visit our website for a comprehensive guide.
a wood slice that has the word "explore" wood burned onto tthe surface and is surrounded by flowers that are also permanent using the art of pyrography. Wood, Instagram, Videos, Floral, Peek, Sneak Peek, Make Your Own, Gorgeous, Creative
Learn How to Wood Burn!
Intorducing the pyrography summit. Watch the pyrography professionals as they reveal their best kept secrets on woodburning in a variety of styles and techniques. Learn how to wood burn and make your own DIY wood slice art projects!
A gift guide for people who like to burn things...
Click through for a list of gift ideas that are perfect for wood burning artists. These include gift ideas for experienced pyrographers who are selling their art to those who are just discovering pyrography. The Holidays are coming, and people in your life are looking for the perfect gift to get you. Send this list to people you love, or go ahead and treat yourself and your business to an awesome gift or two! Set yourself up for success this coming year.
a kid painting on a wood slice that has been wood burned using pyrography techniques. Diy, Ideas, Wood Burning Tips, Crafty, Handcraft
Pyrography with Kids!
They trace, you transfer and burn! They can also draw directly on the wood. This makes a phenmomenal present for a loved one who has it all. These gift ideas are sure to put a smile on everyones face!
a pyrography tool that is glowing red and smoking while being pressed on a wood slice. Pyrography Tools, Pyrography Art, Learn To Draw, Beginner Wood Burning, Gourd Art, Wood Burning Techniques
How to choose the right pyrography tool?
Choosing a burner can be quite difficult. There are so many brands, so many options, so many nibs and it can all be a bit confusing. When you are looking into a wood burning tool you need to think about a couple things: 1. Price, 2. Use, 3. Style. Click through to learn more about these variables to help you choose your next wood burning tool!
DIY Easy Woodworking Projects
EVERYTHING WOOD BURNING IN ONE SPOT - This is a tooklit which will teach you all things pyrography from tools, surfaces, finishes and more. DIY wood slice crafting has never been easier.
a pyrography tool used for wood burning and the title: how to choose the right woodburning tool Tips, Burns, Tools, Hold On, How To Know
How to know which pyrography tool to buy...
There are many Pyrography tool brands, so many options, so many nibs. A couple of choosing factors include price, use, and and style. Click through for tips on chooseing the right pyro tool for you and for your job plus some example burners I have personally held in my hand and used. This is where to find the right woodburning tools for your usage, skill level and price!
Spring Burnt Week 2023: A pyrography challenge for inspiring wood burning artists
Burnt Challenges are a call to artists of all skill levels to create an original piece of pyrography artwork based on a specific word, or what we like to call, a prompt! We are so excited to be teaming up with our sponsor, @walnuthollow, to bring you this #SpringBurntWeek challenge that runs from May 22nd to May 26th, 2023!! Join us for DIY pyrography project inspiration. Get your creative juices flowing and make some wood slice art! Click through for details!
DIY WOOD SLICE ART: Learn to woodburn
All the resources, tips and techniques you need to get started wood burning your own wood slice artwork! With this Toolkit, you are investing in your education, your art, and in yourself.
a person holding up a wood slice with flowers in a radially symmetrical pattern. Pattern Books, Printable Stencils
Traceable patterns for pyrography practice!
These are printable stencils where you can practice pyrography with designs you enjoy. Printable artwork books includes instructions on how to wood burn too! The radial symmetry edition teaches you how to make mandala inspired designs from scratch and includes loads of designs you can choose from. Use mixed media or just pyrogrpaphy techniques to make your own DIY wood slice art! Check out the circular mandala inspired pattern book or the other traceable books.
a bunch of bubbles with artists faces on them who will be teaching at the Pyrography and Business summit this year. Business, Interview, O Reilly, Fine Art, Robinson, Master Class, Pyro
Watch Pyrography Artists Burning LIVE FOR FREE! May 15-21, 2023
PYROGRAPHY + BUSINESS CLASSES, INTERVIEWS, PANEL DISCUSSIONS, MASTERCLASSES, KEYNOTE SPEAKER + MORE… This is the Pyroraphy + Business Summit and it's 7 days of everything wood burning and selling your wood slice art. Money making crafts and discussions, lessons, wood burning tutorials, tips and tricks and MORE!!
a person burning onto a wood slice with a pyrography tool. There is smoke coming out of their wood burning tool and the title says: learn how to wood burn. Mandalas, Origami
Learn to wood burn!
This all inclusive course covers everything you need to start and excel at pyrography! Once you are in, you will always have access to the toolkit, and its updates. It is a massive collection of pyro information in one spot. With pyrography ideas and inspiration including adding color to your wood slices, this is a great gift for anyone wanting to learn a new hobby or perfect their pyrography skills.
two women laughing in front of a wood slice background. Beautiful, Rachel, Art Business, Corner, This Is Us
Who is Wood Burn Corner?
Here at Wood Burn Corner we are all about sharing beautiful art, collaborating, supporting the wood burning community, teaching, and giving back! Meet Rachel Strauss and Basia Chmielowiec. The duo behind Wood Burn Corner: The Pyrography Hub. Join the club and get involved with the community, with wood burning and building an art business!
a green background with a circle in it saying the pyrography and business summit. Social Media, Sit, Win, Life, Media, Live, Chat
Everything you need to know about pyrography + business: May 15-21, 2023
The Pyrography + Business Summit includes 30+ LIVE ONLINE CLASSES. Watch pyro artists burn live, sit in on interviews with a lawyer, a life coach, and social media specialist, and learn everything there is to know about wood burning your own DIY wood slice art and even making some money off of this relaxing hobby. Get a chance to win a giveaway, chat with your fellow makers and so much more!!
a bunch of paintbrushes in a row with paint on them. The title is: why every artist should consider a business coach. Painting & Drawing, Gadgets, Gifts For An Artist, Creative Gifts, Student Art, Creative Podcast, Creativity
10 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach
Take your creative business to the next level. It may be time to hire someone who can guide you, support you and motivate you if you want to learn how to sell more art & make more money. Boost your business and grow your brand. This is how to make money selling your art and how to know when it is time to get help with your artistic business. 10 Reasons Creative Entrepreneurs Should Work With a Business Coach. This is how to benefit from money making crafts!
a backyard with tree's and a river in the background. the caption on the front says: wood burn corner artist residency. Pacific Northwest, One, Artist, Resident, Environment
Artist Residency for Pyrography Artists
The Wood Burn Corner Artist Residency offers time and space for a pyrography artist to get away from their usual distractions so they can create the art that they have always wanted to make. It’s a place to nurture your creative process and to offer you a space to explore your craft, be inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest & a new environment, try new tools & materials, & to create with intention. Check out our application and information as well as our first resident, Sean Roderick!
Learn the art of pyrography in 10 steps.
Wood burning is such a versatile craft. Once you know the basics of pyrography, you can add DIY wood burned embellishments to so many things. The options are endless. Click through to learn how to wood Burn!
a wood slice with a mandala pattern on it. A mandala pattern design on a paper beside it. Beginners, Step, Unique, Practice, Real, Unique Art, Outline, Minimalist
A Book of Patterns and Templates for Wood Burning
How to wood burn with a step-by-step tutorial, examples & a bunch of template outline wiht traceable patterns for all skill levels. Everything you need to know with guidance of having unique art to practice with! These are Original Pyrography Designs by real Wood Burning Artists! Check out woodburning patterns printable. For beginners + Pro's - try out one of these templates. Whether you like a rustic, minimalist, or animal lover you will find a pattern! Patterns with stencils, letters + more.
Learn to Burn On Wood + Other Surfaces
Online Pyrography Classes + Wood Burning Events! Thinking about trying something new and getting creative? Click to see online woodburning tutorials and videos you can take and enjoy this creative idea for your next wood slice project! A list of the best pyrography tutorials and lessons online! From pyrography challenges, easy how to woodburn ideas & inspiration to woodburning tips, tricks & techniques, and everything you need to start. Wood burning ideas! plus projects as well as pyro events!
a blank rectangular wood slice with a wood burning tool on it. the title says. how to join the burn club - a pyrography community. Community Events, Community, How To Become
A Pyrography Community
Join us in Burn Club (a free hub for pyro artists wanting to know community events, happenings and more) or Burn Club+ (our patreon group for only $10 a month where you can take your wood burning skills to the next level and even make some money off of your art!). Click through to learn how to become part of this amazing community and learn hwo to wood burn while meeting some incredible artists and getting a whole lot of inspiration.
four wood rounds with motivational quotes on them. the title says: lettering tips and tricks for your next pyrography project Woody, Write On Wood, Wood Burning Pen, Wood Burning Patterns Stencil, Wood Burning Tool, Wood Burning Stencils
How to Make Clean & Crisp Pyrography Letters & Quotes
I cover some quick tips and tricks to make for cleaner lines with lettering when it comes to wood burning on a wood slice or any other burnable surface. Pyrography is such a versatile and relaxing hobby. Click through to discover my techniques on how to burn crisp fine lines! Get inspired and learn the tricks of the trade for your next DIY wood slice sign or project. This is how to wood burn letters and quotes onto wood!
a green background with images of artists that are pyrography experts. the title says: wood burn sessions. watch these professional pyrography artists burn live! How To Shade, Easy Woodworking Projects
Learn how to wood burn: Watch the experts burn live
Have you wanted to learn pyrography? New year, new goal!! This relaxing hobby is super satisfying. Make your own DIY wood slice projects & home decor ideas. Join us in The Wood Burn Sessions to watch pyrography artists like @itsdavidandrenee, @hippienorth, @minisapyrography, @aneycarverand @beesymmetry0207 wood burn live. Ask them questions, get the answers right there! Easy woodworking projects and DIY gift ideas you can easily make after learning to woodburn with us!
6 photos of people using pyrography merchandise in different ways. There are stickers on a water bottle, stickers stuck to a pyrography tool, tshirts with the words pyrography is lit and more. Jumpers, Baseball, Swag, Merchandise, Sell Your Art, Things To Sell, Shop, Check, Baseball Caps
Merch for people who like to burn stuff...
Pyrography it lit! Burn baby burn! Pyro is fire! Get any of these sayings on a t-shirt, a hat, mug or on stickers!!! Merchandise for pyrography artists.
How to Wood Burn in 10 Easy Steps
Start a new hobby for this New Year Goals and get creative with natural and sustainable art! Wood Burning, or pyrography, is such a versatile craft. Once you know the basics of pyrography, you can add wood burned embellishments to so many things. The options are endless.
a person filling out a habit tracker in the shape of a circular radial symmetry pattern. Daily Habits, Improve Yourself, Habit Tracker, Healthy Mindset, Goal Setting, Grow Business, Habits, Healthy Habits, Water Yoga
Creating goals and how to track them in a fun and satisfying way!
This undated printable habit tracker will help you track new habits or goals. A healthy mindset starts with healthy habits! Implement your daily habits to improve your life! Turn your goals into reality when you track the things that are most important to you!! Use as a small business hack & track things that will help your business grow and your personal life flourish! This is like art therapy to doodle in an accomplishment! Create habits that stick by tracking them.
a computer screen with a zoom chat session open. The title says online team building pyrography classes. Teams, Team Building, Work Experience, Fun Team Building Activities, Work From Home Tips, Team Building Activities, Energy Level, Boredom
Online Wood Burning Classes and Unique Team Building Activities
Unique Team Building Activities! Learn to burn at work! Try pyrography for a fun team building activity with coworkers and learn something new! Create unique pieces of art while bonding with the next cubicle. Click to learn more and book your work experience now! This is the best team building activities for coworkers!
DIY Wood Slice Gifts: Pyrography and Paint With Kids!
Easy Crafts for Kids! Personal gifts from the kids that will last forever: this FREE step-by-step wood burning tutorial shows you how to make the best DIY gift ideas. How to transfer your kid's artwork onto a wood slice and burn for lasting memories. The perfect gift for any special occasion! Pyrography is completely custom & these crafting with kids project ideas are sure to please plus they last more than a lifetime! Creative & easy craft project ideas with kids!
a green and yellow background with the titles "wood burn corner presents intro to wood burning and diy radial symmetry patterns
Intro to Wood Burning + DIY Radial Symmetry Patterns — Wood Burn Corner
Learn two relaxing hobbies in one! Learn how to draw mandala inspired designs + pyrography. This is how to create your own radial symmetry patterns & easily transfer them onto wood with a simple transfer technique included in the instructions! Then learn the art of pyrography so you can burn your own designs onto wood! Make your own DIY wood slice are & unique radial symmetry art on wood. This is an easy DIY woodworking project idea. Create your own unique home decor & natural art for your walls