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Faire des étirements - Bien-être : 8 gestes simples pour se sentir bien après un footing !

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You may cringe a little when guys mention symptoms of low T. That’s assuming you’re open to discussing them with other men – low T symptoms range from the invisible to things that might truly shock you, like larger breasts and smaller testicles. Yes, low T can actually shrink your balls and cause other symptoms …

How to win 3 v 2 situations

How to win 3 v 2 situations

Letting your players work things out for themselves is an excellent variation on the usual rugby coaching session. Sometimes it works better to give your players the chance to show you what they can do.

2 fun ways to work on evasion

2 fun ways to work on evasion

Most young players have good natural agility skills so practise them often. The warm-up is the best place to play chasing games and here are two games that combine agility, fitness and fun.

Better ruck decision making

Better ruck decision making

Don't waste your ruck bullets. Make sure your players know when to "shoot" at the ruck, and when to leave it alone. Start the process by making them understand when and where the threat to the ruck is going to happen, so they can judge what the best action is.

Subdue before support

Defensive tips for your rugby sevens team

Sometimes, or even many times, you will have only one session to pull together your Sevens team. Here are a couple of ideas you can use in defence.

Let's have a ball

From Rugby Coach Weekly This great fun way to introduce the right body positions to drive in rucks encourages the correct use of shoulders and best placement of arms and hips. Why use it To develop young players’ confidence in ruck contact and ingrain effective body shapes. Set up A 10m square, a Swiss/ exercise ball....

Gang of three:  Game-like tackling

Gang of three: Game-like tackling

From Rugby Coach Weekly Improve your players’ tackle technique along with understanding the role of the closest defenders both inside and outside the tackler. Why use it Create match-like scenarios where “gangs” of three react to their team mate’s tackling to help prevent attacking continuity. Set up Balls, cones, a 3m x 5m tackle zone...

Cutting down the angle

Sevens rugby coaching drill to improve defensive systems

This Sevens defence drill will improve your team's defensive systems. Using Sevens in your rugby coaching sessions helps many aspects of your team's 15-a-side game and makes those end-of-season tournaments easier to plan for and enjoy.

Touch cone warm-up drill | Rugby Coach Weekly

Touch cone warm-up drill

Use this rugby drill to warm up your players quickly, using minimal equipment.

Switch touch

Switch touch rugby game

The game "switch touch" is excellent for improving your rugby players' speed of thought, as well as their alignment whether in attack or defence.

6 top skills circuits

6 top skills circuits

The trouble is that “skills” training can be quite boring because it has to be, by nature, repetitive. That’s not to say you can’t use games and gamification to make things better though. Why not try a skills circuit, with tight timings for each station. Players work in groups of four – as two pairs...

Double posts

Rugby penalties in Sevens

Sevens is the abbreviated form of rugby but has become a very specialised tactical battle. One area which is different is how a team plays from penalties.

Touch rugby lines of running

Get the full benefits from playing touch rugby

You can use touch rugby to improve passing and running defence organisation. But the attack skills can be limited unless you are careful. Here are the key factors.

Five Waves-1

Five Waves

This is a good warm-up game for a large group of players. It gets their minds and bodies moving and helps to sharpen up their core skills of handling, passing and catching.