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i love object shows and anime


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dat waiting rum

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tally hall

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ocs 🫶

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Mr hand 🥶
mr hand and robot journal . someone he,p him
Credits: cultofclarissa on instagram

pee pee pt2

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ion no 😞

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Peanut, hanger, and spraypaint from BURNER
apple #burnerosc
the  “”””””straight””””””””  guy from burner <3

burnt the water

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one of my friends pressured me to draw this lmao
i tried drawing on paper and coloring it digitally and idk if i rlly like it bluhh / bone zone, burner, sacriverse, object show, osc, pill, pilly, crossover, fanart, art
chat what if. what iff Nine x dave


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Yoyleyves on instagram
goggleboggly on tumblr
made by AshNoon (me)

math 🔥

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Any pronouns | Proship DNI


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Credit art: clarissasbakery (In Twitter/X) :33
Credits: Clarissasbakery on Twitter
Credits: cultofclarissa on Instagram

beefy die

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redesign bc why not
creds:clarissasbakery on tumblr
real paper fans have a tattoo that says 'script' on their stomach

paper eye eye

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hhh sad😢 😢

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🤤🤤🤤 (not my art)
loOK AT HIM!! made w/ oil pastels :3


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some cartoon characters are talking to each other
Credit art: clarissasbakery (In Twitter/X) :33
an image of a group of cartoon characters
photography of DEATH PACT‼️‼️
Credits: Clarissasbakery on Twitter
two cartoon characters standing next to each other
Golf Ball and Remote :3
Credits: cultofclarissa on Instagram
an image of three cartoon characters that appear to be in the process of being drawn
Leafy bfdi
some cartoon characters with different expressions on them
credits: clarissasbakery
redesign bc why not Taco Inanimate Insanity, Inaminate Insanity, Inanimate Objects, Food Mexican, Object Art, Sun Moon, Mexican Food
taco ii
redesign bc why not
an image of a cartoon character on a skateboard in the air with stars around it
69 xfohv
Yoyleyves on instagram
an image of a group of cartoon cats
One XFOHV :3
goggleboggly on tumblr
an image of two people hugging each other with words above them that say it's okay to be in love
Fanny x Bubble
Credits: cultofclarrisa on instagram.
a cartoon character with blue hair holding a pencil
"Human" Four (BFB/XFOHV)
made by AshNoon (me)
a woman in red dress holding a tray with food on it
pin bfdi humanazition ! ❣️(by clarissasbakery)
pin , bfdi , drawing , clarissasbakery , art , battle for dream island
a drawing of a woman in pink and blue clothes with her hands on her hips
bow gijinka/humanized
creds:clarissasbakery on tumblr
a collage of pictures with food and an image of a bird eating spaghetti from a plate
🤤🤤🤤 (not my art)
a cartoon character sitting at a table with books
credits by: @whatamistery of twitter credits by: @whatamistery of twitter credits by: @whatamistery of twitter credits by: @whatamistery of twitter credits by: @whatamistery of twitter credits by: @whatamistery of twitter