Building Information Modeling: A Strategic Implementation Guide, by Dana K. Smith & Michael Tardif

SMI / Building information modeling : a strategic implementation guide for architects, engineers constructors, and real estate asset managers

Contractors Look to BIM to Streamline Construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM), which first proved its value as a software solution for the design and construction industries, is now being introduced in another sector: building operations.

Autodesk is hosting a media day in San Francisco today. They've invited over 100 media people to see what's new and in store for us. Sadly I'm not one of those people this time around. David Light is however and I've been following his tweets and watching the morning presentation online via their Facebook Facecast. I'm not certain if the Facecast will resume after lunch or not.

If you spend a disproportionate amount of time re-learning how to communicate your solutions, that's less time developing the mental agility to solve problems, problems that paying clients and bosses hire you to do in the first place.

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