William Eduardo Herrera Figueroa

William Eduardo Herrera Figueroa

Colombia / Apasionado por el rock n roll 🎧🎵
William Eduardo Herrera Figueroa
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Supergirl by John Gallagher

New 52 Supergirl. My homage to the late Michael Turner and his take on the last daughter of Krypton. And being inspired by having had a booth beside my man Mahmud Asrar at Toronto Fan Expo and seei.

Recently watched all three of the Batman movies with Christian Bale and they are my favourite movies in the world! Love batman, but I also love the joker. I used to always hate the joker, but after re-watching the Dark Knight with a more open mind, I lear


A lot of car people, and especially a lot of people who like Chevrolet, know the basic framework of the story. The Corvette started out as a show car during the