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“Well we are mythological creatures, half goat/half fish, we were meant to trek the highest highs and lowest lows, that goes for our psyche too...” -Gabby

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Capricorn and being everyone else's support system and having none of their own and then climbing over obstacles alone.

 😅 I'm a Capricorn! This is so amusing & exactly why I think it's fun & a great conversation starter. Daily Horoscope Pisces, Capricorn Aquarius Cusp, Capricorn Quotes, Zodiac Signs Capricorn, Zodiac Sign Facts, Horoscope Signs, My Zodiac Sign, Zodiac Quotes, Astrology Signs

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[№.128] Capricorn Mirror mirror on the wall Who's the greatest of them all My man, Muhammad, Boy Jesus too Who's Messiah be good for you Cause I came I saw I conquered all All ya'll, all ya'll, all ya'll People look towards Mecca's way Sistine Cahpel people pray It don't matter what you do Holy…