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Jhonathan Wesley

Jhonathan Wesley
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La pelicula me mato! En especial esa parte!<3

What's that sound? Oh, it's just my heart breaking. 🔝 said the person before me and I'm just like um no that was the sound of her head hitting the ground. but ya my heart broke too

Love groot

Guardians of the Galaxy // illustrated poster Groot Guardians of the Galaxy B Roll Footage & Illustrated Posters<--I am sorry, I just see "Here child, take this dying remnant of one of my brethren.

Madison♡ ↠{Mgracevball}↞

Find the prettiest acorns you can't find and a leaf. Then when it rains take all of it and put them on the street (make sure the acorns and leaf are wet) and take pictures