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two bowls filled with different types of desserts
Y3xt3rday NighT Vib3..!❤😋
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a close up of a plate of food with strawberries on the side and chocolate ice cream
three cinnamon rolls in a brown paper bag
a chicken sandwich is sitting on a table
two donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles are in a box
a pizza sitting on top of a cardboard box covered in cheese and veggies
stir fry with chicken and vegetables being cooked in a wok on the stove top
two plates filled with pasta next to a pot of food on top of a stove
Crème Pasta with Sausage
Ingredients: - noodles - cresm cheese - sweet sausage 1 lbs - traditional pasta sauce Fry sausage. Add jar of sauce & block of cream cheese (I cut it into 8 squares so it melts easily) stir until cream melted, simmer sauce, add to pasta! Very easy and sooo delicious!!!!
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Strawberry and chocolate 🍓🍫
french fries sitting on top of a white plate
a hot dog covered in cheese and bacon on a red basket next to some ketchup