sam callister. son of poseidon. original demigods-verse character. est november 2020.
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half-blood hero.

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ocean’s heir.

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This is Percy Jackson’s sword. In the film and the book, it was initially a ballpoint pen, but in this version, it’s a riptide sword. The sword is engraved, unlike in the film where it is simply shot out in segments. The blade is made of high-carbon tempered stainless steel. Feel free to ask more Swipe left to see the first three images of the original sword, and feast your eyes on the last image showcasing our handmade replica. Visit our website or or ebay store or shout-out here for more i...

camp counselor callister.

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always an angel, never a god.

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i. ╱ just a kid.

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ii. ╱ (un)lost.

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iii. ╱ sea of monsters.

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iv. ╱ weapons of heroes.

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v. ╱ apollo’s lyre.

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vi. ╱ hades sword.

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vii. ╱ the labyrinth.

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ix. ╱ our last summer.

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x. ╱ it started with fire.

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xi. ╱ grand central station.

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xii. ╱ the search for adamantine.

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xiii. ╱ battle of mount orthys.

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xiv. ╱ achilles heel.

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xv. ╱ battle of manhattan.

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xvi. ╱ senior year.

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xvii. ╱ chalice of the gods.

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aes ; marvel : bucky barnes | the winter soilder | ♡

xviii. ╱ son of neptune.

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xix. ╱ tartarus.

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xx. ╱ seven half-bloods shall answer the call.

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xxii. ╱ college era.

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xxiii. ╱ living a little.

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