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an image with the words when time comes she too changes her color at home, she will make you work like a slave
an image with the words ready to face the consequents but i didn't do anything fellow you are holding the tv remote
That clash..🙄😤😂
the words in this poem are very interesting and funny to read, but it doesn't
Sister Love Quotes, Brother N Sister Quotes
This really hits.....
This really hits.....
a quote that says happiness is, when you can wear your brother's - shirts, hoodies and jackets, but he can't wear your skirts, short shorts and crop tops
a green background with the words, he cares for me the most he knows what i actually want
a black background with the words brother one who will keep staring at you but will never compliment no matter how good you look
a drawing of a mother and child with the words because i have a brother i always have a friend
a girl holding a cell phone with the caption raise your hand if you go online
two people sitting next to each other with the words dear brother and sister on them
an image of someone's text message on their phone that reads, i get to many messages but i wait only for your message brother
two people hugging each other with the caption's love you sister and brother
an image of two people with the words brother and sister in different languages on them
two people are standing next to each other with the words i have a brother that's makes me laugh
two people are standing in the water and one is saying dear brother if life is rain, you are my rancoat
two children with the words sister and brother
an image of the same person with different expressions on their face and text that says your brother will never say he loves you but he loves you more than everything in the world
an image of a man holding a cell phone with the caption dear brother you are my fav notification