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three pieces of paper with words written on them and flowers in the middle one heart
an altered photograph of a man's face with words written on it
a collage with words written in spanish and an image of a man's face
an old book with three people wearing sweaters and hats in front of the words reguerdos
an image of two women with hats on their heads and one wearing a coat, the other in a dress
the collage is made up of many different people's faces and words on newspaper
Hay muertos que te enseñan a vivir.
a man and woman holding up cell phones in front of their faces with words written on them
a collage with flowers and words written in spanish
a painting with words written in spanish on the bottom and an image of two butterflies
an abstract painting with many different colored eyes
a collage of flowers with the caption'tengo my poco control sebore los pesanaises ques de flotan en el jardin