DIY saddle shoes - White sneakers, marker to lay on design and acrylic paint. (Link is in oriental script but you can get the idea from the pictures.

#Gesso Es la nueva propuesta de porcellanato esmaltado que redefine las reglas del espacio con una colección de cinco colores influenciados por la suave uniformidad de ambientes industriales para transformar cualquier área residencial o comercial.

Extra space in this small bathroom has been used to create this handy exposed shelving set-up.

I love the drop sleeves and interesting back on this. Perfect for summer

This would be cute made out of an ocean themed print, maybe with some extra layering in the skirt to really make it poof.

Mélimélo: Dirndl Teil 1

COSTUME: the German Dirndl, the real deal. you need to translate this, or learn the language- it's not in English:) Mélimélo: Dirndl Teil 1

We're doing everything we can to get you flirting this summer, and this pair of rompers is a good example. It gives an awesome silhouette and shows your beauty completely. Find it at OASAP!

Charming High Neck Sleeveless Flared Romper -

There are many different forms that halters are used in; rompers, dresses, crop tops, regular shirts etc.

vestido de la cintura de la manga corta de la mujer romántica ® muñeco de color rosa – USD $ 42.68

Women's Casual / Lace / Work Dress Above Knee Polyester / Spandex

Cool sneaker sandals!

Originales zapatillas recortadas

Originales zapatillas recortadas, too cute. Try on a pair from goodwill first!