Billetera Seducción Carry

Carry it in one of our Seducció bags and you'll be sporting a winning combination this season with the perfect accessories for any outfit.

Cartera Rotterdam Flower Diamond

You’ll love the floral design on the Rotterdam Flower Diamond bag because it’s understated and goes well with everything. Now you have the perfect accessory for this season.

Billetera Bolas Rojas

European clothing brands you didn't know about.

Pañuelo Exotical

The Exotical foulard is a new Desigual design for this fall-winter from the new Why

Cartera Brooklyn Bolas

Are you looking for a small, practical, functional bag that is trendy at the same time? Shop the Desigual Brooklyn Bolas Rojas bag at our online shop. Free delivery to your nearest Desigual shop.

Pañuelo Loop Bolas Rojas

Pañuelo Loop Bolas Rojas

Pañuelo Flogjisaw

Desigual - Pashmina para mujer Check more at

Pañuelo Bolas Rojas

Mixing red and black never fails. This rectangular foulard goes with everything and has a very Desigual design: galactic spheres, animal print, letters. Measures 110 x 195 cm and is very soft.

Pañuelo Sira Carry

A foulard with a soft pattern in purple and pink shades. If you’re a romantic girl you’ll love it and it’ll add a very suggestive touch to your look. 195 x 110 cm.

Pañuelo Loop Diverdelik

Pañuelo Loop Diverdelik

Billetera Ziparound Addition

Billetera Ziparound Addition

Pañuelo Patch

The Desigual Patch foulard has a gorgeous floral print that will enhance your looks this winter. The fabrics we use in our scarves are of the highest quality

Pañuelo Adittion

See all Desigual Addition

Pañuelo Seducción Carry

Get the Seduccio Carry foulard, a best-seller that will look perfect with your fall outfits. It’s the perfect accessory!