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"Love is the most powerful emotion" #Olicity ♥

I always think that first cheek-touch after Oliver saved her from huntress is the moment when felicity irrevocably fell in love with him- look at her face :)

#Arrow 5x20 "Underneath" - "My math is probably right but what if it wrong?Are you still Felicity Smoak? Yeah.Your Math is always right." - #OliverQueen #FelicitySmoak

This was cute because he has so much faith in her, but can we take a little about Adrian Chase? He's so ill that he brought out the worst in Oliver, but Felicity helped piece him back together.

Arrow - Oliver & Felicity #2.14 #Season2 #Olicity

My favorite Olicity moment. They way he just smiles and tell her she'll always be his girl nearly killed all the feels inside me.

Felicity and Oliver wanting to get married in Crisis on Earth-X

And here we see the smile Oliver Queen reserves for Felicity Smoak and Felicity Smoak only. Or huntress or even Isabelle?

Hands Down Felicity Smoak is my favorite character on Arrow!!

“ If I had accepted things, I would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother and I never would have gone to college and I never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen.