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Bemberg 1982 Gruau


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an old fashion magazine with two women in evening dresses
Collection Haute Couture Automne / Hiver 1949-50
an advertisement for revlon lipstick with a woman's hand holding up a box
a drawing of a man with a bag on his back and the words bembery below him
an old poster with a woman peeking out from behind the curtain and holding her head up
Bemberg 1960 Gruau
an advertisement for linea intima italia featuring a woman laying on a couch with her hand to her face
Bemberg 1959 Linea Intima Gruau
a drawing of a woman in a red jacket and polka dot shirt with her hands on her hips
Marcelle Griffon Mode béret -Gruau
a drawing of a woman in a tuxedo with a flower on her lap
René Gruau (1909-2004), Belle blonde en smocking (Beautiful blonde wearing a smocking), Ink and watercolor on paper, 51 x 41 cm.
an advertisement for benberg with a woman in black and white holding a green shawl
Bemberg 1982 Gruau
an old fashion magazine cover with a woman in a dress
Fashion illustration by René Gruau, 1945, Jacques Heim.