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a shopping cart with the words grocery shopping on it and an image of a hand holding a
Grocery Shopping for Community Based Instruction - Adapting for Autism
High School Special Education Classroom
High School Special Education Classroom
an advertisement for free stuff to teach kids about life skills
Free Stuff for LIFE Skills- NoodleNook.Net
a red poster with the words stop and an image of a cartoon mouse on it
6 Mistakes LIFE Skills Teachers (& Paras) Make… STOP! - NoodleNook.Net
the worksheet for life skills is shown on top of a table with papers
colorful rack with text that reads can your life skills students take care of themselves?
Teach Functional Life Skills in Special Education- Resources for Sped
colorful school supplies with the words life skills and academy lesson plans for speed written over them
Special Education Life Skills Lesson Plans
an example of classroom accommodations for students to use on their own worksheet,
Special Needs Advocate