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there are many different colored objects hanging from the ceiling
a metal bowl filled with celery and lemon slices
Juicing Recipe for Clear + Glowing Skin: - Celery - Cucumber - Green apple - Lemon - Ginger - Turmeric
Yemek, Girl, Body, Inspo, Mad, Eten, Kochen, Yum
eat more veggies
a white car with two large rocks on top of it's roof, parked at the edge of a cliff
a white paper bag with black lines on it
three seashells are shown in black and white
a painting of a white dog with a blue collar
two women with lacy shawls on their heads looking out at the ocean from behind
Rue de Beautreillis
An intriguing image of women in front of water. Rue de Beautreillis
two colorful birds sitting on top of a cement wall