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Bolsa de playera

DIY Beach tote from a t-shirt tutorial. Super easy craft idea to upcycle those t-shirts that are worn out and have a cool design.I'm going to try this with an extra large dollar store shirt. At a buck a shirt would make inexpensive but thoughtful gift.

remera con flecos

DIY tank top - item: scissors, bleach, plain tank top/t-shirt. Dip dye the bottom of the shirt with bleach. Wash it out and let it dry completely. Then cut the part you bleached into thin strips and tie a knot at the ends.

Los Mejores Tutoriales Para Customizar Ropa Vieja Y Transformarla

And if I make the fringes longer (tbh I haven't really looked at the tutorial) but what I was saying is that if I make the fringes longer it will show a little skin without really being a crop top