Veronica Bersh Mejia

Veronica Bersh Mejia

Veronica Bersh Mejia
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Ayurveda Daily Routine Cheat Sheet More

What is Ayurveda? Why Ayurveda? What is my dosha type? So how do I eat according to my Ayurvedic dosha type?

Ayurveda Daily Routine Checklist

Here is a pretty handy Ayurveda Daily Routine Checklist, including the must-dos, along with some feel goods for when you have extra time in your day.

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Ayurveda Doshas - Characteristics, Nature, Body, Mind - see link…

Synnah Hermetica

From magickaltheory: This original graphic was created by me, Synnah Hermetica, as a part of my magickal study of energetic manipulation. Here the apprentice can observe the chakras mapped out with their corresponding elements and attributes for activatio


Throat Chakra Healing - Vishuddha : Located in the throat area, the chakra connects us to our expressive self, reinforcing communication, speech, and .

yo soy la guardiana del saludo del corazón en mi grupo. que buen pin ha venido a mi!

Dragonfly Kingdom: International Service Agency - Holistic Health Intake, Assessment and Referral, Event Production, Music Therapy, New Media Network and Metaphysical Library


10 ways to Heal & Balance your chakras - There are many ways one can begin to balance their THROAT CHAKRA. Here are several useful methods, including aromatherapy, visualisations, affirmations, mudr