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an empty concrete building with plants growing out of the windows
the stairs are made of wood and glass
A Contemporary Washington House with Puget Sound Views - Luxe Interiors + Design
two cars are parked in front of a white building with open garage doors and windows
Visualización Arquitectonica Renders y Recorridos 360°
Visualización Arquitectonica Renders y Recorridos 360°
a man is walking down the stairs in a building with brick walls and metal railings
Ayna Burir Adar Residence / Sharal Architects
a brick building with lots of windows and plants growing on it
P House by T H I A Architecture
an entrance to a building with a tree growing out of it
an apartment building with stairs leading up to it
Gallery of White Cliff House / RDMA - 1
a brick wall and stairs in a house
a bed with a laptop on top of it in front of a window at night