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the wall is decorated with colorful tiles and potted plants on shelves next to it
Hand-Sewn Quilting Series: Contemporary Patchwork
Hand-Sewn Quilting Series: Contemporary Patchwork – Tatter
four folded cards sitting on top of a table next to an open book with the pages cut out
2017 Topic 11 : Books {Introduction and Challenge}
several different types of cloths on display
Louise Bourgeoise (1911-2010)
a drawing of a white bird with yellow feathers
..focus..damn it!
blue ink drawing of daisies on white paper
a painting on a white wall with a flower in the center and stars around it
Meredith Walker Studio
a group of people standing next to each other in front of paintings on the floor
Maria Prymachenko⁠ — Folk Pacifist from Ukraine in London
an abstract painting with yellow and red colors on white paper, depicting two women sitting in the grass
Two Sunbathers, Sizewell, c.1934 : Ivon Hitchens : Artimage
Two Sunbathers, Sizewell, c.1934 by Ivon Hitchens © The Estate of Ivon Hitchens. All rights reserved. DACS/Artimage 2020. Photo: Jonathan Clark & Co
a painting with people and birds on it