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15 Nail Design Ideas That Are Actually Easy to Copy

Diseños de Manicura Francesa 13

22 impresionantes Diseños de Manicura Francesa

French manicure is your key for a polished and exquisite look. Even classic nail polishes may be updated, if you add a little detail.

corazones en uñas con tono pastel

Easter is here again, this year young girls and ladies will going to rock the festival by painting their nails beautifully with Easter nails art designs.

Uñas con diseño de playa

LOVE palm trees my sister told me a joke, " why did the boy put soil in his hand? To grow a palm tree!

Uñas Ombré o Degradado - Paso a Paso - ε Diseños de Uñas Decoradas з

They are really cute for winter or summer! All you need is 2 nail colors, sponge, nail polish remover, and cue tips or cotton balls.


52 Pretty and Cute Toe Nail Designs

Cute, Pretty and Easy Toe Nail Designs for summer, fall and spring in How to do simple toe nail designs with inspiration like rhinestones & glitter.