Víctor Vicuña Girón

Víctor Vicuña Girón

Víctor Vicuña Girón
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Bulbasaur. Total want an ivysaur one (friends know why)

"very rough" Ivysaur Pattern, yet more helpful than starting from scratch. Details such as the ears, face, sole of the foot plus toes and the flower bud are obviously missing.

Kirara Plushie Pattern by Free-Falling.deviantart.com on @deviantART

So, a friend of mine wanted to make a kirara plushie from the TV show Inuyasha. Having made a dragon plushie recently and being in a lighting/Rendering class that's heavy on UV Mapping I tho.

Jigglypuff plush pattern by para-saurolophus

Pattern of principe of my togepi Carfull I redraw hand and head hair, the prportion arent good You can find a bigger picture of my plush : para-saurolop.