Skopje according to Kenzo Tange, the "Plan for Skopje"

In 1965 Tange was asked by the United Nations to enter a limited competition for the redevelopment of Skopje, which was at that time a city of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The town had been heavily destroyed by an earthquake in 1963. Tange won 60% of the prize; the other 40% was awarded to the Yugoslav team. Tange's design furthered ideas put forward in the earlier "Tokyo Plan".
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《Master Plan Reconstruction of Skopje City Center》 1965-1966 The Tange Kenzo…

《Master Plan Reconstruction of Skopje City Center》 The Tange Kenzo Team


After a devastating earthquake in 1963 Skopje was rebuilt largely according to a master plan byKenzo Tange, which was supported by the United Nations an.

Skopje Architecture at the ETH Zürich

Skopje, capital city of Macedonia, is a dream world for lovers of concrete communist architecture. There's nowhere else on Earth like it - and there's a good reason for that.

Kenzo Tange reconstruction plan for Skopje

Kenzo Tange