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the city skyline with text overlay that reads 10 days in europe 25 + itineries
10 Days in Europe: 25+ Epic Itineraries + Budget Trips [2024]
Europe travel inspiration, 10 days in Europe
an aerial view of houses and windmills with the words where to go & when europe by season
Travel Tips for Europe - 1010 Park Place
an aerial view of europe with the text cold places to visit in europe in summer
74 Cold Places To Visit In Europe In Summer | Following The Rivera
the best european cities for first timers
17 Europe Travel Destinations for First Time Visitors
Rome, Paris, Backpacking
The 14 cheapest cities in Europe
the best places for women to travel solo in europe and asia with text overlay that reads 17 best places for women to travel solo
15 of the Best Places for Solo Female Travelers
the top 10 things to do in lithuania
Top 10 Things to Do in Lithuania • The Blonde Abroad
Lithuania is still fairly off the beaten path, but there’s no reason for it to be! The ex-Soviet country is just beginning to blossom, with a cobblestone city center, Bohemian art town, and delicious restaurants serving food unique to the region. It’s time to hit the Baltics. Here are my top things to do while you’re traveling in Lithuania!
an old brick building with the words kaunas written on it
11 Sights To See When Visiting Kaunas, Lithuania - Travelsewhere
11 Sights to See in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania from its Old Town to Kaunas Castle, via @travelsewhere
a river with buildings and the words a weekend in kaunaas, lithunia
Celebrating Easter in Kaunas, Lithuania - Ferreting Out the Fun
With a medieval castle and cathedral, quaint pedestrian streets, and thriving international food scene, Kaunas, Lithuania is a perfect weekend destination!
the top things to see and do in kaunas, lithunia with text overlay that reads things to do & weekend trip diy itinerary
Your Lithuanian trip will not be complete if you will not visit Kaunas, the second-largest city of the said country. It is famous for its history, cozy parks, and wonderful old town. It is the historical center of Lithuanian economic, academic, and cultural life. Spending your days in Kaunas would be so memorable and fun as you would learn more about their culture, history, and lifestyle.
people walking down the street in front of buildings with text overlay that reads kaunas, lithanania everything to see do and eat on a city break
Cheap city breaks: Kaunas, Lithuania | Travel Breathe Repeat
What to do at this great urban destination. Know exactly where to go during your vacation to Kaunas Lithuania. #traveleurope
a white building with the words is kauas worth visiting? written on it
10 Great Reasons Why Kaunas is Worth Visiting for a Day
the words kaunas, lithunia everything to see and eat on a city break
Cheap city breaks: Kaunas, Lithuania | Travel Breathe Repeat
a river with the words why you should visit kaunaas, lithuna
19 reasons to visit Kaunas, Lithuania - Travel Guide
19 Reasons to Visit Kaunas, Lithuania - City Guide
the front cover of a travel guide for kaunaas lit up at night
Spend a day in Kaunas, Lithuania - Roads and Runways
Kaunas is Lithuanias second largest city after the capital Vilnius. However you will get a very different experience spending a day in Kaunas. Soon to be the European Capital of Culture in 2022 I believe Kaunas, Lithuania is an up and coming destination you need to visit. Visit our site to find out more.