Valeria Ardila

Valeria Ardila

Valeria Ardila
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placement on the inside of my....well i dont want to give away my ideas!

Never Stop Dreaming Art Print: mum said 'you can be anything.' 'you can be anything you dream'. on the side if your foot

this. but with one evil eye. and not on my arm. so not really this at all. more like the idea of this. @Emily Schoenfeld Lada and @Sarah Chintomby Tognozzi soon please!

Cute Owl Tattoos - The owl is a very popular tattoo design, however, these owls aren't the traditional looking wise owls, these are incredibly cute!

I like the placement/twist of this one too. I want mine to come up only that high on my back

pretty back tattoo of an intricate tree design. I can't wait to get my back tattoo so I can find dresses like these where it'll peep out proudly.

I'm honestly not sure if this is real or not, there are certain things in the last picture that I'm not sure how a tattoo artist would have pulled it off. But, if it is real, this is one of the best cherry blossom tattoos I've ever seen.

Tree tattoo - love the blossoms blowing away. I like this idea for having leaves or blossoms blow and swirl to become crows.