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If you're looking for some great winter boredom busters for your little ones, you will love these 33 winter activities for toddlers!
making faces with painted rocks, image via Leesa's House Family Day Care
Pouring Station Activity for Toddlers - Busy Toddler
Scooping & Sorting Lids for Toddlers: Such a simple activity that includes fine motor practice and the cognitive development skill or sorting by a common characteristic (color). Great outdoor toddler activity!
Gelatin Play from Fun at Home with Kids
Early STEM & STEAM in Reggio Inspired Activities with Light Projector (via play at home mom llc.)
manualidades para niños vidrieras
Use hot glue on empty school paper towel rolls (thick and heavy rolls) to create rollers for clay. !
Развитие детей второго года жизни - Сообщество «Раннее развитие» - - стр. 283