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an image of flowers with the words in spanish and english on it's side
the words god it's bruht all out here on crumpled paper
the words virgo baby are red against a pale pink background with black and white lettering
the words dear me thank you for moving on are in pink and white letters with stars
Credit/ @ohkay.designs on Insta! I followed them before deleting Insta and I loved their account! Deleting the gram was great for my mental health | shark-girll
the words pura buena vibra written in multicolors on a white background
an image of a cartoon character on the beach with a drink and cell phone in her hand
a pink background with the words confia en tu capacidad de volver
a piece of paper with the words written on it and mountains in the background that says, ningun mar en calma, heo experto a un marine
Pin de Samantha Monsreal en Frases | Frases sabias, Frases verdaderas, Frases bonitas
a pink background with the words est fuerzate por progressos no por
the words are written in white on a red and pink background with stars around it
Fondo De Pantalla "Todo Es Parte Del Proceso" (by @holasoyyuyu) | Frases curativas, Consejos para ser feliz, Afirmaciones positivas