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a black pen sitting on top of a piece of paper with music notes in it
music notes and musical symbols are shown
Cursos Online Gratuitos de Teoría y Composición Musical
music notes and symbols are arranged in the form of musical notations, with one note being equal to each other
Les figures de notes (solfège)
sheet music with notes and trebles in spanish for kids to play on the piano
Conceptos musicales interactive worksheet
Actividad online de Figuras musicales para Primero de primaria. Puedes hacer los ejercicios online o descargar la ficha como pdf.
a sheet with music symbols on it and the words complea, nombre, du
Repaso música activity
REPASO MUSICA Idioma: español (o castellano) Curso/nivel: Sexto de Primaria Asignatura: Música Tema principal: Repaso Otros contenidos:
hands and fingers are shown in this worksheet for children to learn how to spell
Curwen Hand Signs
Curwen Hand Signs: Chromatic Scale