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Stylist consider, eyelashes are the most important aspect in a person’s appearance. So how do we get nice, long and thick eyelashes that everyone will envy?

HOW TO: Scarf Turban

First you fold a square scarf into a triangle. Next you place the middle triangle on the top of your head. After that you take the two corners on each side and overlap them. The fourth step is twisting them together. The last step is pulling them back beh

La desintoxicación es de gran importancia para un cuerpo completo, ya que limpia todas las toxinas que se encuentran en el cuerpo y por lo tanto reduce el exceso de residuos.      Foto: Victoria "Vicky" Pattison es

cup of water 1 lemon 1 cucumber A bunch of parsley 1 tsp of grated ginger Instructions: Simply put all the ingredients into a juicer and mix them well. Use: Consume the drink every night before bedtime. The results will be visible very quickly.