Salpicón de Frutas

This is a very typical Colombian drink. It's a mixture of a different chopped tropical fruits with a fizzy drink. Any fruit combination is possible

La Changua es uno de esos los platos típicos Colombianos que debemos retomar, a veces se nos van olvidando recetas tan maravillosas como esta. Se prepara especialmente en el Altiplano Cundiboyacense en el centro del país. Se toma al desayuno, es una receta económica y lleva ingredientes que tenemos en casa. Crecí con ésta tradición y me trae muchos recuerdos de mi familia, de mi tierra…


Changua Recipe (Egg and Milk Soup) with Sunny Side Egg (Try adding Italian Sausage!

Arroz con Leche

Arroz con Leche or Rice Pudding. I used to think this recipe was just Colombian, but is a very popular dessert everywhere you go. The method varies but it's always the family favourite.

Tamal Tolimense

These banana-leafed parcels are a national favourite in Colombia. They are usually eaten for breakfast or for a main course, and are always delicious


The perfect accompaniment to Natilla at Christmas, but also good to eat at anytime of the day with a drink of chocolate. [widgetkit Buñuelos or

Picadita-Fritanga. Adicionalmente receta de Rellena-Morcilla y Chorizos Santarrosanos

Fritanga, is a plate full of grilled meat like beef, chicken, ribs and sausages and fried cow intestines (chunchullo) which get served with little potatoes and arepas or with manioc and fried bananas.


This Sausages are perfect for party food. This recipe is very popular in the Caribbean coast of Colombia.