Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses - Isabel Allende. A rich recipe book for aphrodisiac dishes with a high level of efficiency, which conveniently accompanied by a collection of erotic stories, composed of both: her own experiences and close friends, can immerse us in a quotidian world that considered in the proper perspective will offer countless ways to enjoy the company of a good lover. http://pages-intheattic.blogspot.com.co/2016/01/aphrodite-memoir-of-senses-isabel.html#more

In this occasion the Chilean Isabel Allende provides a rich recipe book for aphrodisiac dishes with a high level of efficiency, .

The Trojan Horse (2) Masada - JJ Benítez.  The conversation between Jesus and his twelve apostles reveals that his intention was not to constitute a religion; and thus he confirmed it in his appearances after the Resurrection. Jesus' conception and childhood would be much more natural and human events that the tabloid version of the Bible. http://pages-intheattic.blogspot.com.co/2016/07/the-trojan-horse-2-masada-jj-benitez.html#more

Written in Trojan Horse 2 reproduces the second time travel Jason and Elysium made back to Palestine year two American traveler.

Landry Saga - Ruby (1) - VC Andrews.  Ruby lives with her grandmother in the swamps of Louisiana; there they lead a precarious life and she helps her grandmother by selling paintings made by herself. Paul Tate, a very attractive guy, it is only when they attempt to establish a formal relationship that her grandmother Catherine reveals the truth that will keep them apart for a long time.  http://pages-intheattic.blogspot.com.co/2016/04/landry-saga-ruby-1-vc-andrews.html#more

One of the best sagas Virginia Andrews "wrote" in Ruby is a teenager who lives with her grandmother in the swamps of Louisiana;

Shadows of the Past - Carmen Stefanescu. Anne, a young businesswoman living in 1990, went on a holiday trip where she came across with a gem encrusted cross. The sight evokes a vision from a past scene of two women dressed in nun robes. 1480, there's Genevieve, a young nun trying to escape from the wicked abbess who wants her dead for having fallen in love with father Andrew.  http://pages-intheattic.blogspot.com.co/2017/04/shadows-of-past-carmen-stefanescu.html#more

Featured Book: Shadows of the Past by Carmen Stefanescu Publisher: Wild Child Publishing Genre: paranormal/light romance/light historical/light horror Blurb: Anne's relationship with he.

Three of Swords (1) - J.D. Bretton. After passing through the sad experience of loosing their unborn baby, Danielle and Matt have fallen apart. During Matt's absence a ghost named Xavier visits Danielle and comforts her in her loneliness, both share a deep sorrow and they're in need of someone's company. He then becomes the partner she's longed for and a great sexual companion she won't definitely turn away…

Published in 2016 and written by American author J. Danielle is looking forward to her next vacation as she plans to spend.

Change Your Life In 90 Days; Get Rid Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression - Tilep Mathan. People have different views of what happiness is, and everybody is struggling to accomplish their goals and live out their dreams to the fullest. We're all quite familiar with this idea, but... how many people actually know how to take their wishes from dreams to reality? Well, this booklet offers just that! http://pages-intheattic.blogspot.com.co/2017/01/change-your-life-in-90-days-get-rid-of.html#more

Happiness: Change Your Life In 90 Days; Get Rid Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression (Mindfulness, Positive Thinking, Success, Habits)

Stand By Your Man - Peter Presley. Abby Fork, a girl with principles, decides to leave home and survive on her own. Trying to run a bar things don't turn out as she expected and now she strives to keep it open. On top of all she has the unhealthy habit of getting involved with bad boys who attend her bar. Colton Lang struggled against poverty for most of his life, becoming a gangster he emerged as a wealthy man…

Stand By Your Man: (Bad Boy Romance Novellas) Books 1 and 2 by [Presley, Peter, Presley, Piper]

Manipulated Lives–H.A. Leuschel It is a compilation of five stories of people playing either the manipulator or the victim roles and the consequences that come along with them. Each narrative portraits a devastating episode in which a self-centered subject takes advantage of a weaker one who doesn’t know how to handle a certain situation or is simply trapped in a precarious position that won’t let them react…

Manipulated Lives By H. Leuschel Publisher: Helene Leuschel (Kindle Edition) Pages: 274 Genre: Fiction/Psychological Book Blurb: Five stories – Five Lives. Have you ever felt confused or at a los…

Into the Vines – Kim Troike. While driving on the road Daniela got to witness a terrible accident; she quickly pulled the passenger from the vehicle but wasn’t that lucky when she attempted to save the driver. This event will change Francis’ life forever. Sometime later she meets Olivier in Paris and they promise to keep in touch, but… things were not as simple as they planned and tragedy strikes on both sides.  https://pages-intheattic.blogspot.com.co/2016/11/into-vines-kim-troike.html#more

Published in 2015 and written by American author Kim Troike. While driving on the road Daniela got to witness a terrible accident, she.

What I love about Dublin – Amanda Laneley. Sara's dream is to travel the world, but her boyfriend Antonio plans to settle down in Chile with a stable job that guarantees a future. She has long put off a dream trip to Dublin and the postponement has caused differences in the couple. The breakup encourages Sara to consider a job proposal in Dublin and leaves in search of new experiences. http://pages-intheattic.blogspot.com.co/2016/10/what-i-love-about-dublin-amanda-laneley.html#more

A romance novel published in 2016 and written by Chilean author Amanda Laneley. Sara has always dreamt about traveling and touring arou.

Stone Cottage – Maighread MacKay. Annie is desperately waiting for her husband. What she hasn’t realized is that everybody has long gone, including herself. Unable to face tragedy she’s stuck in this plane; thus she won’t move on until Rebecca comes to save her. More than a hundred years later there’s Rebecca, a contemporary woman.  Wouldn’t be wonderful to have the occasion to make amends with our past? http://pages-intheattic.blogspot.com.co/2016/09/stone-cottage-maighread-mackay.html#more

Published in 2015 by Canadian author Maighread MacKay.